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We are a full-service wildlife removal and animal control services company, so we do it all! From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way to make sure that your nuisance wildlife problem is solved quickly. We provide all (4) essential services for a complete wildlife removal. We inspect your home, trap any wildlife found, sanitize the home, and then perform any necessary or preventative repairs. It's our please to serve you and all of Pasco County, Florida.

Damaged plumbing
Plumbing damaged by animals

Wildlife Inspections in Pasco County, Florida


Expert technicians perform wildlife and animal control inspections before performing a trapping or removal service. It's important to get a good lay of the land in order to deduce the habits of your unwelcome guests. Wild animals inside homes in Pasco County are usually pretty predictable: they are searching for food sources and a sheltered space to sleep in. Usually they take advantage of pre-existing damage to a home, or do some damage of their own in order to gain access to spaces like garages and attics. Once they have made a door for themselves, it's up to you or a trained wildlife removal expert in Pasco County, FL to close it.

Finding out where and why an animal is entering your home is crucial to being able to keep them out. During an inspection for raccoons, technicians we employ will look for obvious reasons why the raccoons are hanging out in your attic. Our team will ask you what kind of garbage cans you use, if you feed household animals outside, and if you have been leaving food out for stray animals, etc., in order to track the raccoon's food supply. They will also enter the attic space during daylight hours in order to see if there are any punctures to the roof or along the soffit.

Trapped Possums
Trapped animals in live-trap cages

Wildlife Trapping Services in Pasco County


After a throrough inspection, our service professionals will begin to live-trap the nuisance wildlife on your property. The only exception to this would be rats, which are trapped using snap-action kill traps. These traps are necessary for rats because they are quick to reproduce, difficult to catch, and travel in much larger numbers than live-trapped animals like possums, armadillos, raccoons, and skunks.

If an animal is trapped, follow the local laws governing Pasco County, FL for the animal's removal. Depending on the species of animal caught, we will either relocate the animal to a wildlife preserve, nature conservancy, or other approved site.

Sanitized Attic
Attic after cleanup

Wildlife Sanitation and Cleanup in Pasco County, FL


The trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife animals is only half of the task of a full-service wildlife company. Sanitation is the next big step and must be taken extremely seriously. While this work can be done by amatures and do-it-yourself-ers, it requires special equipment in order to ensure all bacteria and odor particles are removed.

Pasco County Animal Control experts use heavy gear when disposing of hazardous materials like animal droppings, urine, and nesting materials. Waterproof outerwear is a must wen handling any of the previously mentioned materials, as well as goggles and breathing mask. Several different types of zoonotic diseases can be transmitted through animal feces, and it should not be handled directly by humans. Keep pets and small children as far away as possible from liquid or solid waste that you find in order to ensure their immune systems aren't compromised.

Damage to fence
Fence damage

Pasco County Restoration and Repair Services


Pasco County Animal Control restoration team is the best in the area. Part of a full-service wildlife removal includes repair services from our restoration team, guaranteeing that the finished product will be as it was before the animal infestation, or better! Our team takes pride in their work and has been working in the community for over 10 years, establishing themselves as the best in this business. Your sales manager will provide a quote for full service wildlife removal upon request.

Remember, if you find feces or urine from a wild animal in your Pasco County home, do not it. There have been several cases in the past few years of rabies in Pasco County, as well as other diseases that can be spread by animal feces. If you have pets or small children in your home, make sure that they stay away from any animals that you find in and aroudn the home, as well as feces and nesting materials.