[LOCATION ]Wildlife Control FAQ's

What do you want to know? Scroll through some of our FAQ's and see if we can answer your wildlife removal queries without a phone call. If you have any further questions, or want to talk to a real-live person, give us a call!

What is Exclusion?

Exclusion is a technique for wildlife removal and animal control that allows animals to exit the space, but not re-enter. This involves building and installing one-way doors on the exterior and barricading or repairing existing vulnerabilities to the structure.

Why Don't You Exterminate Raccoons?

If an animal is overly aggressive is rabid, or is carrying another disease, it is up to local officials in Pasco County to allow our technicians to perform exterminations. Otherwise, we release them into the wild in approved spaces miles from your home.

What Does Animal Poop Look Like?

Most animal species will leave behind feces in a color of a medium brown to a dark brown, almost black. Bats will have feces measuring 1-3cm, and raccoons will leave behind much larger waste. If you want to know what kind of feces is in your home, contact our professionals today.

Is It Safe To Live With Bats?

No, not at all! Get them out ASAP. Bats, while they won't be violent towards you, can leave an enormous amount of urine and poop in your home. This waste contains dangerous bacteria and can cause health problems that may not show symptoms for months or years at a time.

How Long Is It Gonna Take to Get Rid of Possums?

Hopefully, not long at all. Our technicians, while thorough, are extremely efficient. Unfortunately, we must guage each case as though it is an isolated incident, since most people don't have the same type of home, habits, and schedules. Our technicians can tell you this immediately after a free inspection!

Can Rats Chew Through Drywall

Absolutely. Get some traps in there ASAP!

What Bait Can I Use For Armadillos?

Armadillos can't be baited. They naturally look for food in the soil, where they find bugs. You need to funnel armadillos using rope, makeshift fencing, or wooden materials.

Is Bird Poop Dangerous?

All wildlife feces is dangerous, regardless of species. It is not safe to stay in a home that has animal feces in it, due to bacteria and insect life that can live inside the waste. Get it gone.

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