Animal Control Services in Pasco County


There are many types of nuisance wildlife out there, and we handle them all! Armadillos, bats, birds, moles, possums, raccoons, rats, rodents, snakes, squirrels, animal carcasses, and more!

Armadillo photo
Armadillo in the wild

Armadillo Removal


Armadillos are tricky little guys and don't take to the usual bait because they get their food from the ground: they eat ground-dwelling insects. Smart trappers like our friendly techs have special techniques to get them to walk into our cage traps so we can relocate them.

Bat Removal


Bats can only be removed during certain times of the year because of federal regulations. They mate usually from May to August, depending upon the species of bat. However, if you have a bat problem during these months, we may be able to sanitize or make repairs on parts of your home where the bats are not dwelling.

Pigeons photo
Pigeons on the street

Bird Removal


From pigeons to woodpeckers to ducks to vultures–and more–we've got you covered. Most of the time birds stick aroudn because they are being fed, or because there are high open spaces in your home (the attic) that are exposed. Attics are great for nesting because most predators can't get in there.

Possum Removal


One of the most notorious nuisance wildlife creatures is the possum. These little furry mammals are well-known for their seemingly personal vendetta against attic insulation. They rip, shred, and defecate all over it like they said something mean about your mother.

Rats photo
Rats in traps

Rat & Rodent Removal


We can solve rat problems in a matter days instead of weeks like other wildlife operators. Depeneding upon your level of infestation and our availability, we can set traps on day one and be out in a week. We use high-grade commercial snap traps to exterminate rats quickly and then remove and sanitize your home once we are done.

Raccoon Removal


Raccoons are probably the smartest of all nuisance wildlife creatures, but they have some pretty disgusting habits, like pooping in your pool, on your roof, and inside your attic and garage. These creatures can grow upwards of 20lbs, so they're leaving some serious waste behind. The bigger the pile, the more bacteria. Get rid of raccoons quickly!

Dead Animal Removal


There's a reason that humans, for centuries, have either cremated or buried their dead. Decomposing organic material begins to have a strong odor, and will eventually be ridden completely with bacteria and insect life. Don't wait around if you have a bad odor in the home that seems to come from the walls or attic. Call us today!

More Animal Removal Services


If you don't see something listed here or mentioned above, contact us–we will literally remove any animal that is not protected by law!